The U.S. must permit only legal immigrants to enter from countries with track records of high education achievement.  We need parents immigrating legally who can help their children to graduate from high school.  Scholastic achievement of the adults must be determined prior to approving entrance visas.  Because of the low education achievement today among students in the United States it has been reported we will already have enough low-skilled workers who can replace those types of jobs held by illegal migrants and others.

The U.S. must reform the criminal justice system.  We must parole inmates to jobs rather than to the streets which can deter the 70% recidivism rate in California.  The latest data shows that if a parolee works for over six months their chance of committing another crime drops below 10%.  (America Works, Oakland)  The entry level jobs in services, landscaping and construction can be a part of their parole.  Sentencing guidelines should be reformed to allow certain non-violent and minor drug offenders to hold jobs typically held by unauthorized aliens.  They should meet certain monitoring and parole requirements.  Currently, many low-level offenders become more corrupt as a result from incarceration in prison.

Inmates can work in agriculture as in Colorado and other states.  Colorado farmers have agreed to pay prison inmates and replace illegal farm workers. Colorado already has internal agricultural jobs in its’ prison system: growing flowers, raising bees and cultivating wine grapes.  Prisoners also manufacture items ranging from plastic bags to furniture.

Future prisons should be built near agricultural areas.  White collar criminals can also do part of their sentence in the service, construction and agricultural sectors.  State law should require judges to sentence some convicted of petty crimes to jobs, who can wear ankle monitors, rather than being sent to prison.  Drunk drivers and certain other offenders who now serve short sentences, must be sentenced also for a period of time to low paying jobs after serving a prison sentence for vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk.   Many other more serious offenders should after being released from a short time in prison be paroled to work for a period of time in hotel, restaurant and other jobs.

The United States has an entitlement fraud problem.  Disability recipients have increased over 900%, per population, since 1960 while the workplace has become safer.  The U.S. has created 8.8 million non-farm jobs in the last 15 years but added 4.1 million to the disability rolls.  Taxpayer Revolution is now calling for exams for all disability recipients.  When Great Britain required re-examinations of all disability recipients, one third disappeared.  We advocate the U.S. must take the same course.

The U.S. must continue to make welfare reforms.  California issues 34% of the nation’s welfare with only 12% of the population (San Diego Union Tribune, July 29, 2012.)  The state issues more benefits than the next eight states combined.  Thirty percent of the nation’s unmarried mothers receiving welfare are in California. Thirty six percent of children live with a parent without full-time employment. All of these statistics are affected in part by having almost 25% of the nation’s illegal alien population.

  • A major solution is to allow only the number of children one first applies with for welfare as the maximum lifetime number for the family cap.  NO additional children will be covered for either parent.

The San Diego Union Tribune printed Ted Hilton’s letter to the editor describing this new proposed law on August 1, 2012.  A part read “The taxpayers are clearly out of money to pay for additional births of parents who cannot afford to support these children. It is time for the families, churches and charities to care for additional children as was the case in the beginning of our nation before the current welfare system.”

Making this reform will help the following problems: 

A recent case was cited in the Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2012.  A woman had three children with an illegal alien who ended up being deported.  One reason for the deportation was that he had needed welfare for his children.  Many illegal migrants are having more children that they cannot afford.  After deportation, all three children were taken away from the woman because she was determined to be an unfit mother.  Prior to these three children she already had four other children who were all removed from her custody.  She started delivering babies as a ninth grader and it was noted she was dependent on the child support system for all of her seven children.

  • Another law can provide that only one birth delivery will be covered for any person under the age of 21.  Applicants must be 18 years of age to apply for benefits;  the parents must be responsible.

This law will help solve the following type of problem:  The Ventura County Star reported, May 31, 2009, that 20 year old Crystal Ramirez survives on welfare with no husband and three children ages 5, 3 and 1.  We have heard accounts of welfare recipients calculating how much extra than can make with another baby.

The father’s name must, by law, be placed on the birth certificate.

A birth delivery without a father’s name on the certificate or without a second person having permanent legal financial responsibility for the child is the only delivery that will be covered.

  • Only one public funded birth without health insurance will be eligible for public benefits.

This law will encourage people to buy medical insurance before giving birth.

Here are the facts and the costs:  For 2006, the average birth costs according to the United States Dept. of Health and Human Services in California for a ceasarian section, $22,762, and for a premature birth, $164,273 (costs printed in San Diego Union Tribune 2/12/09).  The National Health Statistics reports 31.1% of births nationwide were c-sections in 2006.  The Center for Disease Control reports 12% of all births are premature.      But the California Dept. of Health Services reported to Ted Hilton that 44.5% of the births to unauthorized alien women are c-sections, compared to the national average of 31.1%.  The doctors need to explain why in California the number of c-sections for those here illegally is 30% higher than the national average.

Factoring the federal cost averages for c-sections and premature, and state costs for vaginal deliveries, for 107,124 Restricted Scope births who are illegal aliens:

  • C-sections, 44.5% or 47,670 births x $22,762 = $1.085Billion
  • Premature, 12% or 12,854 births x $164,273 = $2.111Billion
  • Regular delivery, 43.5% or 46,598 x $7,646 = $356Million

Total $3.5 Billion in taxpayer funded birth delivery costs for illegal migrants in one year in only California.

All applicants for any state or local benefit must possess a California ID card or Driver’s License, the cost of which will be paid by the Department of Social Services and deducted from the first payment if requested.  All DMV numbers to be verified in a central database to confirm there are no duplicate applicants from different offices.  All documents used to prove identity to receive the state identification by anyone who receives public funds from the state, shall be verified by the Department of Motor Vehicles with the issuing agency.  Verified original birth certificates or a certified copy shall be provided for each child.  This will also prevent fraud and duplicate applications under false names or in multiple counties which are occurring now.  Debit cards to be valid only at certain locations in California.

The fraud has led to the discovery that more than $69 million of welfare dollars were withdrawn with welfare debit cards at casinos and cruise ships around the world between January 2007 and May 2010 according to the California Department of Social Services.  More than $11 million had been withdrawn in Las Vegas.

Requiring state identification for state benefits can prevent illegal migrants from using services while remaining here or to save money to later return to their native country.  In the San Diego Union Tribune on November 4, 2007 an article revealed an account of a  woman who illegally re-entered near San Diego who was injured from the Harris fire.  The couple had entered illegally about ten years before, had four children here, worked out of their kitchen, and sold tamales on the street while they sent their money back to Mexico to build a home for themselves.  These people are introduced to our  Department of Social Services’ benefit programs.  The taxpayers likely paid their medical costs and subsequent benefits for having four children born here.  The newspaper printed that when she visited Mexico, she saw for the first time the home they were having built.

  • The DSS shall actively seek job availability information to maintain a database for work that is available in the hotel, restaurant, car wash, clothing, agricultural, landscaping, construction, other fields and services to enforce the 1996 federal laws for welfare to work.  The DSS must be legislatively transformed and function as an employment office.

In May 2007, before the economic collapse, the San Diego Union reported that 77% of welfare recipients were not meeting school/work requirements according to the state’s Legislative Analyst’s office.

Then on October 7, 2009 the New York Times reported that the California Department of Social Services notified welfare recipients that they did NOT need to work to collect their welfare checks.  Tens of thousands were relieved of the work policies instead of DSS making an effort to find jobs held by those unauthorized to work in the state.  We could not find this information printed by any California newspaper.

The U.S. must require state issued ID to accompany E-Verify.  All jobs in the United States should require a state ID or driver’s license.  The social security number is the hidden number on the account and must be verified along with the date of birth to prevent theft by using a child’s SSN number.  E-verify should be used when practical.  Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, ITIN, should be issued to only legal residents and only if ineligible to hold a social security number.  Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) must be reformed to verify the birth certificates of all recipients. Thirty percent of unauthorized workers hold border-crossing cards.  We need to end the myth that Americans will not do low skilled jobs.  The problem is they are not required to do these jobs.  More investigation is required into fraudulent claims by Americans who do not want to work but instead file false disability, workers compensation claims, $6 billion in fake IRS refunds, and other false claims to obtain taxpayer benefits.  When fraud is removed from the IRS and entitlements, and the criminal justice system is reformed Americans will be working again.

California welfare statistics: 

In July 2011, 4 percent of Californians receive welfare and 1.4 million people applied for CalWORKS; 1.1 million were 18 or younger.  Of the total $6.7 billion spent on welfare to work, $2.9 billion funds CalWORKS welfare of which three-quarters of the recipients are children.

Cal-Learn which helps dropout teen parents complete high school has been suspended for one year saving $43.6 million.

Food stamps, CalFresh, cost $559 million with 3.7 million applicants.

SSI, Supplemental Security Income was paid to 1.3 million which cost $750 million.

In-home supportive services for 426,000 people cost $380 million.

Contra Costa Times, Jan. 2, 2012

The U.S. must end the myth of automatic citizenship.  The United States Supreme Court has never ruled in a case pertaining to a birth of a temporary resident or to an illegal alien.  U.S. Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Stevens wrote that a birth to a legal temporary resident is a “PRESUMED CITIZEN.”

These are the recorded words of Senator Reverdy Johnson, (D-MD) in the Congressional Globe, 1st Session, 39th Congress 2893 et seq. in 1866:  “Now all this amendment provides is, that all persons born within the U.S., and not subject to some foreign power – for that no doubt, is the meaning of the committee who have brought the matter before us –  shall be considered as citizens of the United States.” 

It was not the intent of the 14th Amendment’s authors to grant citizenship to births of parents who were subjects of a foreign power.  This amendment did address foreigners and its’ history and intent is much more than only granting citizenship to former slaves.

The Wong Kim Ark decision affirmed that one must have permission to reside in the United States to be considered “subject to the jurisdiction.”  Buried deep in the Wong Kim Ark decision is the truth, the justices did NOT intend to grant citizenship for every birth, Wong Kim Ark Pg. 169 U.S. 694:

Chinese persons, born out of the United States, remaining subjects of the Emperor of China, and not having become citizens of the United States, are entitled to the protection of, and owe allegiance to, the United States so long as they are permitted by the United States to reside here,and are “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” in the same sense as all other aliens residing in the United States.”  Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886), 118 U. S. 356; Law Ow Bew v. United States 144 U. S. 47, 144 U. S. 61, 144 U. S. 62; Fong Yue Ting v. United States (1893), 149 U. S. 698, 149 U. S. 724; Lem Moon Sing v. United States (1893), 158 U. S. 538, 158 U. S. 547; Wong Wing v. United States (1896), 163 U. S. 228, 163 U. S. 238

In those cases referenced above, of which Director Ted Hilton has read all, the justices cited Chinese aliens who were here without permission, who did not owe allegiance to the United States, who were not subject to the jurisdiction, but who were subject to deportation.  They understood the difference between someone here with or without permission.

These facts appeared in Ted Hilton’s groundbreaking article that appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune on July 8, 2011, please see the Articles section.